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Sonic.exe Game Log - by CalebEanes

Creator: MY5tCrimson

Program Used to Create Game: Game Editor

First Released: August 13, 2012

v2.0 (Released October 2012)

- Split-second image appears more suddenly.

- GUI text is larger

- Standing-still sprite of Tails in "HIDE AND SEEK" has changed

- Blood runs down Sonic's eyes before capturing Tails and Knuckles

- Game Over screen added

v3.0 (Released November 2012)

- Flowers added in "HILL, Act 1" (Dead flowers appear when dead animals appear)

- Ending scream has changed

v4.0 (Released December 2012)

- Split-second image has been changed

- Tails's face expression changes when first encounters Sonic

- Tears run down Knuckles's eyes after being caught

- When button is held down on Game Over screen, a separate image appears.

- After 1 minute at Game Over screen, another image appears. (game ends)

v5.0 (Released March 2013)

- "Sonic.exe" screen in intro is aligned with original intro screen

- Smooth fade-in to "Data Select" screen has been added

- Most moon-walking has been removed

- Visual static appears when Tails walks towards Sonic in "HILL, Act 1"

- Visual static appears when Sonic.exe flashes on screen in "HIDE AND SEEK"

- Blood spurt appears when Sonic.exe captures Tails and Knuckles

- Sonic.exe hovers over Knuckles for a brief second in "YOU CANT RUN"

- New Knuckles sprite appears when Sonic.exe flashes in front of him

- Dr. Robotnik's sprite in "Data Select" screen has changed

- Another level appears after 30 seconds in Japanese text screen

- After 2 minutes of playing the new level, two more images appear (game ends on last image)

v6.0 666 ( Released May 2014 )

- Cool version of Easter eggs with better style is it was made by Game Maker

- No secret level of Sonic

- Doge Easter Egg

- New Game Over Background

v7.0 ( Released April 2015 )

- 3 new secret Easter Egg levels

- New Secret level of Sonic

- I AM GOD New background

Published Dec 23, 2016
Tags16-bit, sonic-666, sonicexe, sonic--exe

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Just a game for fun!


SONIC 666 version.EXE 39 MB
SONIC.EXE (Version 5).exe 24 MB
SONIC.EXE (Version 4).exe 21 MB
SONIC.EXE (Version 3).exe 19 MB
SONIC.EXE (Version 2).exe 19 MB
SONIC.EXE (Version 1).exe 20 MB

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